Process Automation
  • Problem: Digitization Challenges in Banking

    The banking sector faces challenges in fully embracing digitization, with the need to create a user-friendly customer platform and transform back-office processes for optimal efficiency.

  • Solution: Numentica's Data Governance Practices

    Numentica addresses these challenges by providing robust data governance practices. We enable banks to bridge the gap between traditional and digital worlds, offering user-friendly platforms, and transforming back-office processes to enhance productivity and agility.

  • How Numentica Solves the Problem: Modernizing Banking Infrastructure

    By working in partnership with banks, Numentica focuses on modernizing the infrastructure backbone, including core banking systems. This involves leveraging technology such as cloud computing, automation, mobility, and artificial intelligence, leading to lower costs, increased productivity, and agility, ensuring banks stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

  • Problem: Data Management Challenges in FinTech

    The FinTech industry faces a surge in data consumption, making effective data governance crucial for regulatory compliance and maintaining a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving landscape.

  • Solution: Numentica's Comprehensive Data Governance Framework

    Numentica addresses these challenges by providing a robust data governance framework tailored to the FinTech sector. We cover every aspect of data management, from architecture to individual technologies, ensuring compliance and efficient handling of vast customer data.

  • Numentica Enables Controlled FinTech Data Ecosystems

    We help FinTechs build well-governed ecosystems for lending processes, emphasizing customer PII identification, establishing data lineage, and implementing robust access policies. In payments and WealthTech, we extend strong data governance for compliance and collaborative partnerships.

Open Banking
  • Problem: Open Banking Challenges

    Open banking introduces innovation but raises concerns about data security and compliance risks, threatening consumer trust.

  • Solution: Numentica's Data Governance Expertise

    Numentica addresses open banking challenges by implementing robust data governance models. We ensure compliance, mitigate data breach risks, and facilitate secure data sharing.

  • How Numentica Helps: Ensuring Business Success

    Our data governance expertise empowers businesses to embrace open banking confidently. We provide a structured approach to data management, ensuring adherence to regulations and safeguarding against potential risks, thus securing the foundation for business success in the evolving financial landscape.

Mobile Banking
  • Problem: Mobile Banking Data Challenges

    Mobile banking, with its quick and easy transactions, generates massive data volumes, emphasizing the critical need for effective Data Governance to ensure security and smooth processes.

  • Solution: Numentica's Data Governance Expertise

    Numentica addresses the challenges of mobile banking by implementing robust Data Governance. We optimize data in transit, secure data at rest, and ensure real-time availability for predictive analytics, safeguarding against security risks.

  • How Numentica Helps: Optimizing Data for Business Growth

    Our expertise ensures a streamlined approach to data management in the cloud, optimizing data pipelines and enabling responsive analytics. Numentica's Data Governance program becomes the cornerstone for monetizing data, facilitating business scalability in the dynamic landscape of mobile.