Media and Entertainment
OTT Platforms
  • Problem: Data Overload in OTT Platforms

    OTT platforms face a data management challenge due to the overwhelming volume generated by user interactions and content consumption. This complexity hinders seamless content delivery and disrupts the user experience.

  • Numentica's Solution:

    Numentica tackles data management hurdles by implementing robust master data management (MDM) solutions. Through comprehensive data governance, profiling, cleansing, and standardization, Numentica ensures accurate and consistent data. This optimizes content delivery, enhances user experience, and provides personalized content recommendations.

    With Numentica's expertise, OTT platforms can establish a centralized and standardized data source. This not only improves operational efficiency but also elevates the user experience by reducing latency and ensuring high-quality content delivery. Numentica's approach empowers OTT platforms to efficiently manage and protect digital content, overcoming data overload challenges.

Audio Experience
  • Problem: Audio Evolution Challenges

    The audio experience has transformed into a vital aspect of daily life, navigating various devices and occasions. Challenges include understanding diverse user behaviors and ensuring seamless, accessible audio across devices, becoming the "busy person's medium."

  • Numentica's Solution:

    Numentica addresses these challenges with advanced data management solutions, catering to the dynamic nature of audio consumption. Cloud-based integration enhances accessibility and scalability, providing a personalized and efficient audio journey.

    Numentica facilitates the media industry's transition to cloud-based solutions, offering seamless connections and secure data handling. Their data management solutions ensure staying ahead of trends, combining data center and cloud capabilities for effective content creation and management.