Cloud Data Governance

Cloud Data Governance integrates into the Enterprises’ existing data landscape and scans hybrid sources. The governance we suggest is used in simplifying collaboration and linking business and technical context using AI-powered associations while aiding in understanding lineage.

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Cloud Data governance

Data Catalog

A detailed inventory of all the data assets of an Organization is named as data Catalog.This is designed to help data professionals find the most appropriate data for any business or analytical purpose in a short time. A data catalog effectively helps an Organization to meet specific technical and business objectives and challenges.

Data Stewardship

Data stewardship we suggest ,calls for an oversight and management of data assets of an Organization to provide business users with high-quality data that is both consistent and easily accessible. .Stewardship facilitates business organizations to handle huge amounts of data accurately and safely to make better business decisions.

Data Quality

Data quality primarily measures and checks how well datasets meets criteria for accuracy, completeness,validity,consistency, uniqueness,timeliness and fitness for purpose.Our team provides expert guidance in tools like Trifacta, AWS Glue Databrew,Google cloud Data Quality as these are valuable for implementing data cleansing .