Cloud Data Management

Our cloud data Management leverages on the implementation of cloud data management platforms and tools ,policies and procedures that provide Organizations the control over their business data,where data is stored or sourced from.

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Cloud Data Management

Cloud Data Platform

The cloud data platform we recommend facilitates the migration of an Enterprise’s data ecosystem and enterprise data to the cloud and away from traditional on-premises data centers. A cloud data platform makes data more valuable to the business of the organization.

Cloud Data Performance Tuning

We believe that performance is the life line of any application or IT infrastructure.Our team knows the cloud Eco-system like the back of their hands and can help in analyzing the deployment of IT assets of an the organization, on cloud.

Cloud Data Warehousing

Numentica's Cloud Data warehouse solutions are the ones you need for scalable solutions. They are indisputably the go-to solution for analytics capabilities involving large data sets.

Cloud-native integration ETL/ELT

Optimizes ETL/ELT with instant usability, requiring fewer resources for seamless system synchronization, enhancing efficiency in data workflows.

Cloud-Based Data Lake

A data lake is centralised and primarily designed to store,process,and secure large amounts of data.The data can be structured unstructured or semi structured

Real-time Data Streaming

Delivers swift and continuous data flow, enabling instant analysis and agile decision-making for dynamic and responsive applications.