Managed Data Services

Managed Data Services refers to the tasks handled by a third party to offload general tasks to experts with the intention of reducing costs and improving service quality of a business of an Organization. Our managed data services team focuses on creating an agile enterprise oriented service strategy that is essential for the continued success of the organization.

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Managed Data Services

A major advantage of cutting costs is achieved using managed data services and addressing issues of cyber security are quite easy as these service providers have the necessary infrastructure and capability to give Enterprises the utmost protection. Data being the lifeblood of an Enterprise,we help them identify their target market,customer data and assist in tracking their sales campaigns.We also assist in protection of data by providing the Enterprises with the know-how and infrastructure to implement data recovery and disaster management plans.An added advantage of using managed data services is that the Enterprise is ensured of all digital tool updates .There is a greater scalabilty to the Enterprises using managed data services because the service provider has expertise to offer depending on the demands of time. Besides offering backup and data storage , managed data service providers can enable users to access their data anytime through centralized data centers within cloud networks

Cloud Managed
  • Partial or complete management of an enterprise's cloud platform.
  • Our services handle cloud deployment, migration, maintenance, and optimization efficiently.
Data Ops
  • Applies Agile and DevOps principles to data engineering.
  • Implementation involves an analytics platform facilitating quicker and more efficient data value extraction.
Customer Relationship
  • Technology for managing customer relationships.
  • CRM system fosters connectivity, streamlines processes, and enhances profitability for organizations.
Quality Assurance
  • Systematic efforts to ensure products meet performance and reliability expectations.
  • QA process establishes standards, guidelines, and procedures to prevent quality issues, maintaining service integrity.
  • Search as a Service is crucial in various domains, including learning management and e-commerce.
  • Particularly important for handling vast, diverse, and growing data.
  • Search guidelines to ensure a unified and presentable view for effective use.